Directory of Environmental Consultants and Engineers

The purpose of this Directory is to provide the user a comprehensive listing of consultant/engineering firms organized by the environmental services they provide. The consultants and engineers are listed alphabetically by company name in the "Alphabetical Listing of Environmental Consultants and Engineers" section. A company entry includes all information available to NDEQ including a company representative, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

The second portion of the Directory is sub-divided by specialty. Each section lists alphabetically the companies that provide specific services. For instance, the Ground Water section is broken down into listings of companies that provide Title 118 Site Assessments; Septic Tank Siting, Design and Construction; and Wellhead Protection Activities.

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Alphabetical Listing of Environmental Consultants and Engineers

Show details for Administrative ServicesAdministrative Services
Show details for AgricultureAgriculture
Show details for Air QualityAir Quality
Show details for Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know ActEmergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act
Show details for Emergency ResponseEmergency Response
Show details for Ground WaterGround Water
Show details for Integrated Waste ManagementIntegrated Waste Management
Show details for Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
Show details for Leaking Underground Storage TanksLeaking Underground Storage Tanks
Show details for Permits and CompliancePermits and Compliance
Hide details for Pollution PreventionPollution Prevention
Provide Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assistance
Identify Waste Streams
Technical Assistance for Process Change
Determine Alternative Processes
Pollution Prevention Planning
Waste Minimization for Pollution Prevention
Material/Waste Exchange Planning
Process Analyst
Identify Waste Streams
Show details for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
Show details for SuperfundSuperfund
Show details for Surface WaterSurface Water
Show details for WastewaterWastewater

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DISCLAIMER: This directory is compiled for information only and is by no means a complete listing of consultants and engineers. This list is not intended to imply the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) is recommending any of these companies.
Other consultants and engineers interested in being included in this directory should contact NDEQ at
you can submit your information by filling out the form below and mailing it to the attention of:
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