Directory of Environmental Consultants and Engineers

The purpose of this Directory is to provide the user a comprehensive listing of consultant/engineering firms organized by the environmental services they provide. The consultants and engineers are listed alphabetically by company name in the "Alphabetical Listing of Environmental Consultants and Engineers" section. A company entry includes all information available to NDEQ including a company representative, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

The second portion of the Directory is sub-divided by specialty. Each section lists alphabetically the companies that provide specific services. For instance, the Ground Water section is broken down into listings of companies that provide Title 118 Site Assessments; Septic Tank Siting, Design and Construction; and Wellhead Protection Activities.

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Alphabetical Listing of Environmental Consultants and Engineers

Hide details for Administrative ServicesAdministrative Services
Technical Assistance for Workshops
Presentation Design Assistance
Training Assistance Capabilities
Assistance in Grant Writing
Hide details for AgricultureAgriculture
Permit and Application Process for Livestock Waste Control
Development of Best Management Plans
Permit and Application Process for Livestock Waste Control
Treatment Systems Design
Livestock Waste Control Facility Development Plans
Ag Chemical Secondary Containment Design
Development of Ground Water Monitoring Plans
Monitoring Well Design and Installation
Hide details for Air QualityAir Quality
Risk Management Plans (CAAA Rule 112(r))
Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Test Audits for Air Contaminant Sources
Application for Operating Permits
Modification of Operating Permits
State Construction Permits
New Source Performance Standards
Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality Construction Permits
Acid Rain Calculations and Permits
Maximum Achievable Control Technology
Emission Sources - Reporting - Testing and Monitoring
Best Available Control Technology
Ambient Air Quality Modeling
Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
Conduct Health Risk Assessment
Hide details for Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know ActEmergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act
Tier II Forms (Section 312 - SARA Title III)
Form R (Section 313 - SARA Title III)
Risk Management Plans (CAAA Rule 112(r))
Hide details for Emergency ResponseEmergency Response
Hazardous Materials Capabilities (vacuum trucks - heavy equipment - etc.)
24-hour Response Capability
Local Emergency Response Capability
Statewide Emergency Response Capability
Capabilities to Transport Hazardous Materials - Hazardous Waste and Storage
Air Monitoring Capabilities
Personal Protective Equipment Capability (level C - level B and level A) per OSHA 1910.120
Portable Decontamination Equipment Capability
Radiological Response Capabilities
Biohazard Response Capabilities
Emergency Spill Remediation on Land and/or Surface Water
Emergency Spill Containment and Remediation of Petroleum and Hazardous Substances
Overpack Capabilities
Hide details for Ground WaterGround Water
Title 118 Site Assessments
Septic Tank Siting - Design and Construction.
Wellhead Protection Activities
Hide details for Integrated Waste ManagementIntegrated Waste Management
Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Design
Transfer Station Facility Design
Materials Recovery Facility Design
Fossil Fuel Combustion Ash Disposal Area Design
Solid Waste Compost Site Design
Construction and Demolition Waste Disposal Design
Industrial Waste Disposal Area Design
Hydrogeologic/Geotechnical Investigation
Monitoring Well Design - Installation and Construction
Workplans for Landfill Closures
Contaminant Investigations/Remedial Action
Construction Quality Assurance
Waste Analysis
Financial Assurance
Landfill Gas Control
Landfill Gas Monitoring/Remedial Action
Ground Water Monitoring Statistics
Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Design
Hide details for Laboratory ServicesLaboratory Services
Surface Water--Laboratory Analysis of Water Samples
Emergency Response--Sampling Capabilities (air/soil/water)
Permits and Compliance--Laboratory Analysis and Sampling
RCRA--Ground Water Sampling - Analysis and Well Drilling
Superfund--Soil/Gas Sampling and Analysis
Superfund--Ground Water Sampling
Integrated Waste Management--Ground Water Sampling
Agriculture--Ground Water Sampling
Agriculture--Analysis of Soil and Manure for Nutrients
Agriculture--Soil Testing for Engineering Properties (hydraulic conductivity - particle size analysis)
Hide details for Leaking Underground Storage TanksLeaking Underground Storage Tanks
Soil Excavation
Release Investigation
Release Remediation Design and Implementation
Tank Closure/Removal
Hide details for Permits and CompliancePermits and Compliance
Permit Application/Development/Completion Review
Stream Studies (permit development - water quality evaluation)
Design and Construction of Industrial Wastewater Facilities - Including Pretreatment
Design and Construction of Municipal Wastewater Facilities
Development of Stormwater Management Plans
Corrosive and Treatment Prevention
Sludge Management Plans
Hide details for Pollution PreventionPollution Prevention
Provide Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assistance
Identify Waste Streams
Technical Assistance for Process Change
Determine Alternative Processes
Pollution Prevention Planning
Waste Minimization for Pollution Prevention
Material/Waste Exchange Planning
Process Analyst
Identify Waste Streams
Hide details for Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
Facility Environmental Compliance Audits
Ground Water System Design - Monitoring and Remediation
Waste Identification and Waste Disposal Options
Classification of Generators
Notification Requirements
Waste Minimization for Pollution Prevention
Closure Plans
Personnel Training and Contingency Plans
Risk Assessments
Hazardous Waste Accumulation - Labeling - and Transportation
Hide details for SuperfundSuperfund
Environmental Assessments
Remediation Monitoring
Risk Assessments
Remediation Contamination Design and Quality Assurance
Hydrogeologic/Geotechnical Investigation
Monitoring Well Design and Installation
Hide details for Surface WaterSurface Water
Preparation of Planning Documents and Water Quality Reports
Macroinvertebrate and Fish Identification Studies
Aquatic Faunal Surveys
Aquatic Life Toxicity Testing
Environmental Assessments
Environmental Impact Statements
Stormwater Runoff Modeling
Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Wetland Assessments
Wetland Delineations
Best Management Practices for Stormwater Runoff
Hide details for WastewaterWastewater
Pre-Treatment Design and Permitting Process
Collection System Design and Permitting Process
Feasibility Studies and Facility Planning
Geotechnical Investigation
Construction Management of Wastewater Facilities
Rate Studies
Wastewater Operator Training
Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plants
Contract Operation

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DISCLAIMER: This directory is compiled for information only and is by no means a complete listing of consultants and engineers. This list is not intended to imply the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) is recommending any of these companies.
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