Current Employment Opportunity

Environmental Quality Division Administrator - Inspection & Compliance Division
Environment and Energy
1200 "N" Street,  Lincoln NE
Full-time Permanent
$33.18 - $49.77 Hourly
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- Monday thru Friday

Serve as a Division Administrator for the Inspection and Compliance Division – Duties and expectations described below.

• Fulfill and promote the Department of Environment and Energy mission and program responsibilities by:

o Developing and maintaining an efficient and positive work atmosphere

o Open communication within the department throughout all levels of staff

o Open communication with the public, elected officials, regulated community and other government agencies, to promote assistance, compliance, permitting and regulatory functions.

o Assure the department, through the effective and efficient administration of your division, provides the optimum service possible to the public and regulatory community we serve.

o Implement management decisions by conveying a positive attitude.

o Use the Management GEMBA (where value is created) sheet to convey successes, constraints and to identify significant areas requiring Executive team assistance for problem solving or direction.

o Continually seek opportunities to promote the openness, inclusiveness, and diversity (including but not limited to succession planning and employee development) in our workforce habits and attitudes. Complete objectives of the division workplan, the Department Strategic Plan, EPA Work Planning Documents, DOE Work Planning Documents, and appropriated budget in the daily activities of the Division. You will strive to achieve the objectives of:

*Agency procurement, fixed asset, and bill paying processes,

*Providing reasonable assurance operations are effective and efficient,

*Financial statements are reliable, and

*Staff comply with policies and procedures, applicable laws, and regulations as they pertain to agency operations.


• Budget/Internal Controls/Asset Management

o Manage the budget allocation for the Division programs according to state guidelines and department policies and procedures, and MBE/WBE goals. Ensure efficient and effective use of the allocation. Carry out financial activities for the division in a conscientious manner and within allocation appropriation and time frames established. Update division management quarterly, advising of status of your budget's personal service limitation and expense and equipment.

• Significant deadlines

1. Ensure timesheets are developed, recorded, accurate and submitted for processing by 9 am each Monday (including your own)

2. May 15 is the presumed cut-off date for Fiscal Year Purchasing unless otherwise directed

3. Meet (in person or by conference call) at least annually with EPA for PPG and workplan review and adjustments. Or meet with DOE for State Energy Program.

4. Grant review and adjustments.

5. Meet at least quarterly with budget officer to develop and test budget accuracy

• Planning

As part of the Department's strategic planning and annual review process, develop a division workplan/situational analysis/planning document according to the requirements and schedule provided. Participate in the annual management planning cycle and meet established deadlines. Key elements of this cycle include the situational analysis, budget, legislation development and support, staffing plans, program workplans and any computer hardware or software plans.

o Annual work planning should be completed and ready for implementation by July 1.

o Each employee you manage or directly supervise should be aware of their workplan commitments and have an adequate personal performance plan developed with SMART goals measuring successful implementation of the workplan commitments.

• Production & Tracking/Reporting

Develop and coordinate program/division work-plans with an open attitude always focused on meeting the program needs while realizing the department, division, EPA priorities, DOE priorities, and focus work production on these priorities. Develop a fair and realistic work-plan with appropriate programs, and then strive to improve upon the outlined efforts by implementing innovations to improve efficiency. Provide a divisional performance update during monthly director meetings.

Develop accurate metrics for program performance monitoring and planning:

o As appropriate contribute to the maintenance and updating of the ECOS Results web page,

o Complete IIS data entry and check corresponding EPA program databases for consistency,

o Complete plan to begin voluntary compliance tracking and reporting internally. Work with other divisions to coordinate one plan for the agency.

• Coordination with other Divisions

Generally, this should include coordinating work-plan activities, special projects, improvement initiatives, better coordination procedures, training initiatives, etc. for all staff that are a part of your workplan commitments. This also includes coordinating with both the program and the staff you supervise.

o Develop legislative proposal ideas by August 1 unless otherwise informed, Participate in the regulation process,

o Actively track Federal CFR for rule amendments and new rules, provide meaningful and timely comments, and keep upper management aware of developing rules and statutes, and Coordinate training needs and opportunities.

• Communication, Participation/Responsiveness

Participate in feedback discussions on all aspects of division/program operations. This includes correspondence on the accuracy and effectiveness of Activities Lists, work-plans, Inspection manuals, Enforcement manuals, and assistance to the programs in assessing or developing program directions and associated directives. Likewise, open two way communication with your direct reports regarding workplans, work products, and emerging issues will be required. Highlight problem areas and offer ideas for solution whenever possible and inform the executive team and programs about resource needs. All this information will be used for the annual 528 report. Have staff document with pictures during inspections and follow existing Inspection & Enforcement (I&E) procedure for reports and other documentation. For other activities, when appropriate, take pictures and provide to PIO.

 • Customer Service/Compliance Achievement & Enforcement

Manage the work production of the division to optimize productivity and effectiveness. Assure that the work output achieves program, division, and department goals. Meet the requirements of work-plans. Utilize partners where available (e.g. Department of Health and Human Services, Game and Parks, Natural Resources, Attorney General, Agriculture, USDA-NRCS, US Army Corps of Engineers, University of Nebraska Extension, EPA, DOE, DED and other government entities, volunteer groups, etc.)

• Efficiency and Responsiveness

Search for efficiency improvements in all aspects of your responsibilities. Ensure that responses are provided to both internal and external requests. This should include improved coordination between divisions, programs and activities, (eg: planning permitting and enforcement) seeking better tools to assist our efforts; better utilization of historical and independent information, databases, studies, etc. Include actions taken to improve efficiencies in monthly Director reports to be used as part of the 528 report. Include a listing of the effort, along with a short summary of its effectiveness at the end of each reporting year. Work to utilize key tools into your daily activities, e.g. GIS data, Data validation within DEE and EPA (ensure data reported is accurate and up to date in EPA databases utilized to populate other EPA applications such as ECHO), environmental indicator information, monthly metrics to access.

o Develop a management tracking board

o Use GEMBA form developed from QDIP worksheets to advance ideas and improvements to upper management

o Develop and actively participate in Lean Six Sigma and Visual Process improvement

o Attend huddles regularly and develop process improvements in coordination with our Process Improvement Coordinator (PIC)

o Work with PIC to identify at least 3 areas

Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, finance or Engineering plus experience or coursework in related areas of ecology, geology, statistics, planning, grant-writing, etc., as required by the area of work emphasis. Minimum of 5 years of progressive management experience.

OTHER: Valid driver's license or ability to provide independent transportation; ability to travel overnight; ability to maintain regular and reliable attendance.

Knowledge of: environmental laws, guidelines, rules and regulations; department programs related to environmental grants and loans; federal grants procedures for writing and preparing grants, and administration of environmental compliance activities.

Ability to: communicate on all levels of knowledge relating to environmental issues; organize and coordinate the staff workload to maximize effective utilization of personnel and resources; react to emergency situations rapidly and properly to protect human health and welfare and to minimize adverse environmental effects; interpret environmental laws and programs in dealing with citizen concerns and educating the public.

Skill in: administering program funding and budget activities, managing personnel and general management; conducting business and negotiating with persons of a different viewpoint to mediate an acceptable solution for all those concerned.

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