Current Employment Opportunity

Legislative Coordinator
Environment & Energy
1200 "N" Street,  Lincoln NE
Full-time Permanent
$24.27 -  Hourly
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM -- Monday thru Friday

This position acts as the department’s legislative liaison coordinating legislative activity and communications with the Governor’s Office, Governor’s Policy Research Office, the Legislature, and other various stakeholders and customers of the agency. This position assists in coordinating communication with federal agencies, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the agency as directed. This position provides support to agency media and outreach efforts as directed.

The Coordinator will be responsible for tracking state legislation and regulations and updating internal stakeholders on legislative and regulatory developments. The individual will also attend internal meetings / briefings to be fully informed on various agency issues. In addition, the individual will be attending internal/external meetings to develop relationships and stay up to date on developments that will affect the agency. In addition, the individual will provide support to the Director and Managers, assisting with presentations, communications, and briefings.

  • Communicate legislative activities in a timely manner to relevant agency employees, including the director and deputy directors, program supervisor, and others as directed.
  • Coordinate and facilitate development of agency legislation proposals to coincide with the schedule established by the Governor’s Policy Research Office with preliminary in-house solicitation of ideas.
  • Coordinate and provide assistance in drafting legislation, amendments, and testimony for public hearings.
  • Coordinate and assist in drafting agency responses for state legislative, congressional, gubernatorial and constituent-related inquiries. Assist the agency’s Public Information Office on official agency responses as requested. Assist in drafting agency comments to proposed federal regulations as requested.
  • Participate in agency outreach activities and stakeholder meetings in consultation with respective programs as assigned.
  • Provide training on subjects relevant to the legislative process, including the legislative process, completing bill proposal form, bill drafting, developing supporting information, and testifying before the Legislature.
  • Work with PIO staff to provide assistance with agency outreach activities and reports to the Legislature.

Any combination of training and/or experience that will enable the incumbent to possess the required entry knowledge and abilities. A general qualification guideline would be post high school coursework or training in public relations/public affairs, communications, political science, or public administration and experience in policy development and implementation or assisting in drafting bills, researching statutes, and revision of rules/regulations.

Other: Valid driver’s license or the ability to provide independent transportation; Ability to travel with occasional overnights; Ability to lift 35 pounds; Ability to maintain regular and reliable attendance. 

Preference:  Bachelors Degree in Political Science, Public Administration, Communication, Environmental Science, Business or related degree.  An understanding and demonstrated knowledge of state and local legislative process; a self-starter with integrity, a willingness to learn.

Knowledge of: the legislative process; interrelationship of various statutes; principles of administrations such as planning, organization, evaluation, analysis, evaluation, communication theory, and techniques of public relations.

Skill in: Being flexible and demonstrating judgment/decision-making skills; organization, verbal, and written communication skills, as well as project management, analytical, planning, presentation and interpersonal skills; making presentations to a diverse audience; developing a positive rapport with the media

Ability to: effectively present positions and initiatives to third parties; develop strategies; research and interpret and apply federal/state policies/procedures; develop and implement policies and procedures;  to analyze and organize a broad range of issues is key, as is strategic thinking;  to work cooperatively in a team environment; organize several projects, to communicate effectively with both verbal and written communication, as well as project management, analytical, planning, presentation and interpersonal skills

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