There are numerous financial aspects of our agency, and others, available to support environmental efforts in the state. Distribution of Aid, Financial Assurance, and fees are all part of a support process to preserve and protect the natural resources of our state.

Distribution of Aid (Grants, Loans, Reimbursements, Rebates)
The agency has a number of programs that distribute aid for specific activities. The types of aid available are in the form of grants, loans, reimbursement, and rebates.

Financial Assurance
Regulations and requirements for all applicants to establish proof of financial responsibility for all new or renewal permit applicants. The purpose of financial responsibility is for an applicant to provide funds to be used in the event of abandonment, default or other inability of the permittee to comply with terms or conditions of its permit or license.

Agency programs with fees and what they are for.

Other Environmental Grants
Information on Environmental Grants managed by other agencies.