Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facilities:
System Design and Installation

An onsite wastewater treatment system must meet all of the requirements of Title 124. Below are links to Fact Sheets related to System Design and Installation:

Closure of Septic Tank and Lagoon Systems Fact Sheet
Disposal of Domestic Septage
Dosing Chambers, Pump Tanks and Pump Chambers
Failing Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Fact Sheet
Floor Drains Fact Sheet
Grease Trap Tank Fact Sheet
Lagoon Site Location Fact Sheet
Lagoon Sizing and Construction Fact Sheet
Land Application of Domestic Septage Fact Sheet
Maintenance of Septic Systems and Lagoons Fact Sheet
Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal Well Fact Sheet
Non-dwelling Facility Fact Sheet
Onsite Repair Fact Sheet
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System - Site Drawing Guidance Document
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Site Evaluation
Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Soil Percolation Test Data Sheets
Required Site and System Information Fact Sheet
Septic and Holding Tanks Fact Sheet
Septic Systems on Small Lots Fact Sheet
Soil Percolation Fact Sheet
Tank Pumping and Domestic Septage Disposal Fact Sheet
Tanks Fact Sheet
Temporary Modification Fact Sheet
Trench Width for Soil Absorption Systems with Filter Material Fact Sheet
Trench Width for Soil Absorption Systems Without Filter Material Fact Sheet
Waste Prohibitions Fact Sheet

Chapter 3 – USEPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Manual