Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 130 - Livestock Waste Control Regulations
- Appendix A - E

Appendix A

Request for Inspection of Livestock Operation
(See attached file: Form A - Inspection Request.pdf)
File Size 22 KB
Appendix B
Livestock Waste Control Application
(See attached file: Form B Application.pdf)
File Size 72 KB
Appendix C
Applicant Disclosure
(See attached file: Form C - Disclosure.pdf)
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Appendix D
Transfer Request
(See attached file: Form D - Transfer Request.pdf)
File Size 28 KB
Appendix E
Field Risk Assessment
(See attached file: Title 130 App-E.pdf)
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SizeFile Name
22 KB Form A - Inspection Request.pdf
72 KB Form B Application.pdf
73 KB Form C - Disclosure.pdf
28 KB Form D - Transfer Request.pdf
45 KB Title 130 App-E.pdf