Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 128 - Nebraska Hazardous Waste Regulations
Chapter 16 - Requirements for Ignitable, Reactive or Incompatible Wastes
Effective Date of Last Revision: April 13, 2002

001 The requirements of this Chapter apply to generators who are regulated under Chapters 9 (Small Quantity Generator) or 10 (Large Quantity Generator).

001.01 The generator must take precautions to prevent accidental ignition or reaction of ignitable or reactive waste. This waste must be separated and protected from sources of ignition or reaction. While ignitable or reactive waste is being handled, the generator must confine smoking and open flame to specially designated locations. "No Smoking" signs must be conspicuously placed wherever there is a hazard from ignitable or reactive waste.

001.02 Where specifically required by Chapters 9 (Small Quantity Generator) or 10 (Large Quantity Generator), the storage of ignitable or reactive waste, and the mixture or commingling of incompatible waste, or incompatible waste and materials, must be conducted so that it does not:

001.02A Generate extreme heat or pressure, fire or explosion, or violent reaction;

001.02B Produce uncontrolled toxic mists, fumes, dusts, or gases in sufficient quantities to threaten human health;

001.02C Produce uncontrolled flammable fumes or gases in sufficient quantities to pose a risk of fire or explosion;

001.02D Damage the structural integrity of the device or facility containing the wastes; or

001.02E Through other like means threaten human health or the environment.

001.03 Hazardous waste must not be placed in an unwashed container or tank that previously held an incompatible waste or material unless Section 001.02 of this Chapter is complied with.

001.04 Incompatible wastes, or incompatible wastes and materials must not be placed in the same container, tank, surface impoundment, pile, land treatment area, landfill, cell, or chemical, physical and biological treatment process or equipment unless Section 001.02 of this Chapter is complied with.

002 Specific.

002.01 Containers.

002.01A Containers holding ignitable or reactive waste must be located at least fifteen meters (50 feet) inside the property line.

002.01B The storage container holding a hazardous waste that is incompatible with any waste or other materials stored nearby in other containers, piles, open tanks, or surface impoundments must be separated from the other materials or protected from them by means of a dike, berm, wall, or other device.

002.01C The generator must use a container made of or lined with materials which will not react with, and are otherwise compatible with, the hazardous waste to be stored, so that the ability of the container to contain the wastes is not impaired.

002.02 Tanks.

002.02A Ignitable or reactive waste must not be placed in a tank system unless:

002.02A1 The waste is treated, rendered, or mixed before or immediately after placement in the tank system so that:

002.02A1(a) The resulting waste, mixture, or dissolved material no longer meets the definition of ignitable or reactive waste under Chapter 3, Sections 007 and 009; and

002.02A1(b) Section 001.02 of this Chapter is complied with; or

002.02A2 The waste is stored in such a way that it is protected from any materials or conditions that may cause the waste to ignite or react; or

002.02A3 The tank is used solely for emergencies.

002.02B The storage of ignitable or reactive waste in covered tanks must comply with the requirements for the maintenance of protective distances between the waste management area and any public ways, streets, alleys or an adjoining property line that can be built upon as required in Tables 2-1 through 2-6 in Title 153 of the State Fire Marshal's Office,- National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA's), 30 - "Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code"(1996).

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง81-1505(13)

Legal Citation: Title 128, Chapter 16, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality