Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 118 - Groundwater Quality Standards and Use Classification
Attachment A - Recommended Information Requirements for Step 6 Assessment



I. Unsaturated Zone
A. Soils (0-5 feet) (if applicable)
1. Association name
2. Texture of each horizon
3. Permeability of each horizon
4. Depth (thickness) of each horizon
5. Chemical composition and characteristics
B. Underlying sediments
1. Thickness of each stratum
2. Lithology of each stratum
3. Permeability of each stratum

C. Total thickness of unsaturated zone

II. Zone of Contamination in Unsaturated Zone
A. Lateral and vertical delineation
B. Quantity and/or concentration of contaminant(s)

III. Physical/Chemical Properties of Material Discharged
A. Density
B. Other pertinent physical properties
C. Chemical composition
D. Solubility
E. Volatility
F. Persistence
G. Toxicity
H. Degradation products (if applicable)

IV. Reporting Requirements
(Note: A report is to be prepared if it is found that no threat of groundwater contamination exists or if requested by the Department).
A. Detailed test-hole logs
Use of Unified Soil Classification is recommended

B. Map(s)/Cross Section(s)/Table(s)
1. Large-scale site map showing pertinent features and location of test holes
2. Map and cross section(s) depicting zone of contamination
3. Results of field/laboratory analyses
C. Text describing and analyzing information