Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 118 - Groundwater Quality Standards and Use Classification
Chapter 5 - Procedures for Changing a Ground Water Classification
Effective Date of Last Revision: September 20, 2023

001 Ground waters classified by these regulations may be reclassified by the Council, pursuant to NAC Title 115, if a just cause exists. Requesting a classification change to avoid cleanup in the event of ground water pollution or in anticipation of ground water pollution will not be considered a just cause except that reclassification may be justified if a lower classification is appropriate based on the criteria of 003 below.

002 The reclassification process may be initiated by the Department or by petition to the Council. A petition for reclassification will contain or reference sufficient information for the Council to make a decision on the petition. All information will be thoroughly examined to determine the need for reclassification.

003 Criteria which may be used to evaluate the need for reclassification is to include but not be limited to:

003.01 Information documenting a use of the ground water that either was previously unknown or has changed since a former classification;

003.02 Information concerning the natural or background quality of the ground water; and

003.03 Hydrogeologic conditions including depth to ground water and transmissivity and areal extent of the aquifer.

004 A ground water reclassification to Class GC is not required for an aquifer exemption petition to be considered or granted by the Department pursuant to Title 122.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง 81-1505(1)(2)