Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 198 - Rules And Regulations Pertaining To Agricultural Chemical Containment
Chapter 3 - Loadout Facility; When Required
Effective Date of Last Revision: April 25, 2020

001 All mixing, loading and unloading of bulk liquid pesticides or bulk fertilizers at a bulk liquid pesticide or bulk fertilizer storage facility and all draining, rinsing and washing of applicator and transportation equipment will be performed within a loadout facility under the following conditions:

001.01 When secondary containment is to be installed pursuant to Chapter 2 for bulk liquid pesticide stored in aggregate quantities greater than 500 U.S. gallons or for bulk liquid fertilizer stored in aggregate quantities greater than 3,000 U.S. gallons;

001.02 When a custom applicator uses pesticides from original containers greater than three U.S. gallons in capacity;

001.03 When a custom applicator uses pesticide or fertilizer mixtures in individual quantities greater than 100 U.S. gallons; or

001.04 When bulk fertilizer or bulk liquid pesticide is loaded or unloaded from a rail car.

003 A loadout facility is not needed under the following conditions:

003.01 When loadout activities are conducted at the application site as part of the normal application; or

003.02 When custom applicator loadout activities are conducted no more than fourteen days in a calendar year at any one location, the custom applicator has a loadout facility at a primary operating location, and all other requirements are met. This fourteen day allowance does not apply to loadout facilities required in conjunction with secondary containment specified in 001.01 above or to loadout facilities specified in 001.04 above.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง 81-1505(8)(14)