Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 132 - Integrated Solid Waste Management Regulations
Chapter 18 - General Provisions
Effective Date of Last Revision: June 9, 2008

001 Failure to comply with these regulations may be grounds for administrative enforcement proceedings as provided by §81-1507, or court proceedings brought by the county attorney or Attorney General pursuant to §81-1508, and a mandatory injunction.

002 If any clause, paragraph, subsection, or section of these regulations shall be held invalid, it shall conclusively be presumed that the Environmental Quality Council would have enacted the remainder of these regulations not directly related to such clause, paragraph, subsection or section.

003 Any appeal from any final order or final determination of the Director shall be pursuant to §81-1509.

004 These rules and regulations may be amended or repealed pursuant to the Rules of Practice and Procedures of the Department of Environmental Quality, which procedure shall conform to §84-901 through §84-919.

005 These rules and regulations shall become effective five (5) days after filing with the Secretary of State.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. §§13,2034; 81-1505(13)(d), (17), (18); 81-1507; 81-1508; 81-1509; 84-906
Legal Citation: Title 132, Ch. 18, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality