Nebraska Administrative Code
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy

Title 124 - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Chapter 7 - Closure of Septic Tank and Lagoon Systems

001 Whenever the use of an onsite wastewater treatment system is discontinued following the connection to a sanitary sewer or following condemnation or demolition of a building or property or due to the construction of another onsite wastewater treatment system, the onsite wastewater treatment system will be properly closed and any further use of the system for any purpose will be prohibited.

002 One of the following two methods will be used for closure of a septic tank or holding tank:
002.01 Pump and Fill Method: The tank will be pumped of all liquids and solids and then filled with soil or sand. If soil is used it will be tamped completely so as to prevent voids which would occur as the result of settling; or
002.02 Pump and Remove Method: The tank will be removed after being pumped of all liquids and solids and the void left from the tank removal will be filled in with soil. The soil or sand will be mounded to provide for future settling.

003 The following method will be used for closure of a wastewater lagoon:
003.01 The lagoon will be pumped or allowed to evaporate until there is no liquid remaining;
003.02 The fence will be removed and the settled solids and liner material at the bottom of the lagoon will be scraped out and properly disposed;

003.03 If a lagoon has received only domestic wastewater, a sludge layer less than six-inches thick may be buried on-site during the regrading of lagoon dikes and the surrounding area. The sludge will be incorporated into the soil or receive at least one foot of cover material; and
003.04 The lagoon area will be leveled and filled with clean soil. The soil will be mounded over the lagoon area to provide for future settling and to prevent water from ponding.

Enabling Legislation: Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง81-1505(8).