Section 319 Semi-Annual Report Form
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Form #:  WAT123
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Revised: 9/9/15

319 Semi-Annual Report Form

ALL Section 319 Project Sponsors are CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to submit a Semi-Annual Report to NDEE on each September 20th and March 20th for the duration of the project.

1) Completing the Semi-Annual Report (This will be your template for each semi-annual report you submit)

  1. Fill out top header information (Project Name and Number).
  2. Copy each of the GOALS listed in the approved Project Implementation Plan (PIP).
  3. Copy the Objectives and Tasks for each goal as listed in the approved PIP. Example Objectives-Tasks Units can be found on the Objectives-Tasks & Units tab. You may add Task rows if needed or delete any excess rows not needed.
  4. In the "Target Number #" column, place the number that corresponds to the number of units.
  5. Enter the appropriate unit name in the Unit column. The Percent (%) Completed column will complete automatically.
  6. Fill out the "Current Report Period" section at the top of the form. Semi-annual reports are due on September 20th and March 20th through the duration of the project. Reporting period should be either March 21 - September 20, 20xx OR September 21 - March 20, 20xx.
  7. In the "Completed Number" column place the number of units completed to date for each "Task".
  8. Enter notes pertinent to any Objectives or Tasks worked on during the reporting period. The notes section is the bottom row within each Objective section.
  9. Enter the name of the report preparer and date.

2) Submitting the Semi-Annual Report

  1. Email a copy of the Semi-Annual Report to
  2. Retain a copy for your records.

Final Report Outcome Table

ALL Section 319 Project Sponsors are CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED to submit a Final Report to NDEE by the end date of the project contract or within 60 days of project completion.

The Final Report Outcome Table should be included in the appendices of the Final Report.

1) Completing the Final Report Outcome Table. This form is nearly the same as the Semi-Annual Report Form. Use the instructions for the Semi-Annual Report except for the following:

  1. Project Period: Give the duration of the entire project.
  2. Date Completed: For each line of the objectives/tasks, give the actual date completed.

2) Submitting the Final Report Outcome Table

  1. Copy the Final Report Outcome Table into the Final Report in the Appendices section.
  2. Follow the 319 Final Report Guidance for completing the full Final Report and e-mail a copy to
  3. Retain a copy for your records.