X-Ray Equipment Disposal
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Guidance Documents
Revised: 12/12/16

There are several components of an x-ray machine that require special disposal considerations. Barring the ability to recycle or exchange/return the equipment to the manufacturer, the following items must be addressed prior to disposal:
  • X-ray tube oil may contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and a determination should be made prior to disposal. Disposal of the tubes will be dependent on the results of the determination.
  • Housings are generally made of lead. A hazardous waste determination prior to disposal must be performed if recycling is not an option through a scrap metal dealer.
  • Transformers are found in some machines. Older machines are more likely to contain PCB dielectric oil. A determination for PCBs should be made prior to disposal.
The State of Nebraska does not have an agency that specifically addresses regulatory requirements regarding PCBs.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) help line number regarding the use of PCBs is (202) 566-0500.

EPA Region VII PCB Coordinator’s telephone number is (913) 551-7504.

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