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Coal Preparation Plants -  Subpart Y

Applicability: eCFR Subpart Y [ecfr.gov]

This subpart applies to:
  1. Affected facilities at coal preparation and processing plants that process more than 200 tons (181 megagrams) of coal per day.
Affected facilities:
  1. Thermal dryers;
  2. Pneumatic coal-cleaning equipment (air tables);
  3. Coal processing and conveying equipment (including breakers and crushers);
  4. Coal storage systems;
  5. Transfer and loading systems;
  6. Open storage piles.

Potential Exemption:
  1. For indirect thermal dryers, if the source of heat is subject to another subpart of the this part, then the furnace and the associated emissions are not part of the affected facility.
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule: 1/15/76
Amendments Dates: 10/08/2009 - Final Rule
State Regulations: Title 129, Chapter 12, Section 001.30

Previously: Chapter 18, Section 001.08. Sources are also responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with current federal requirements found for this subpart in the CFR.
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.250
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Regulations and Federal Registers: eCFR Subpart Y [ecfr.gov]

(See attached file: 1Y - Fed. Reg. 10-8-2009 - final rule.pdf)

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