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Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants -  Subpart OOO

Applicability: eCFR Subpart OOO [ecfr.gov]

This subpart applies to:
  1. Affected facilities in fixed or portable nonmetallic mineral processing plants that commence construction, modification, or reconstruction after Aug 31, 1983.
Affected facilities:
  1. Crushers;
  2. Grinding mills;
  3. Screening operations;
  4. Bucket elevators;
  5. Belt conveyors;
  6. Bagging operations;
  7. Storage bins;
  8. Enclosed truck or railcar loading stations.
  9. At hot mix asphalt facilities:
    1. Crushers and grinding mills that reduce the size of nonmetallic minerals embedded in recycled asphalt pavement, and subsequent affected facilities up to, but not including, the first storage silo or bin.

Not subject to this subpart:
  1. All facilities located in underground mines;
  2. Plants without crushers or grinding mills above ground;
  3. Wet material processing operations;
  4. Affected facilities subject to NSPS F or I;
  5. Fixed sand gravel plants and crushed stone plants with capacities of 23 megagrams/hour (25 tons/hour) or less;
  6. Portable sand and gravel plants and crushed stone plants with capacities of 136 megagrams/hour (150 tons/hour) or less;
  7. Common clay plants and pumice plants with capacities of 9 megagrams/hour (10 tons/hour) or less.
Existing affected facilities replaced with equipment of equal or smaller size that performs the same function with no increase in emissions are exempt from some rule provisions. Please see rule text for full details (40 CFR 60.670 (d)).
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule: 8/1/85
Amendments Dates: 04/28/2009 (74 FR 19294)
10/17/2000 (65 FR 61744)
06/09/1997 (62 FR 31359)
02/14/1989 (54 FR 6680)
State Regulations: Title 129, Chapter 12, Section 001.66

Previously: Chapter 18, Section 001.33
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.670
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Regulations and Federal Registers: eCFR Subpart OOO [ecfr.gov]

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(See attached file: 3O - Fed. Reg. 1985-08-01 - Final Rule.pdf)

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