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VOC Emissions from Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry: Reactor Processes -  Subpart RRR

Applicability: eCFR Subpart RRR [ecfr.gov]

This subpart applies to:
  1. Affected facilities that are part of a process unit that produces any of the chamicals listed in 40 CFR 60.707 as a product, co-product, by-product, or intermediate, and that commence construction, modification, or reconstruction after June 29, 1990.
Affected facilities:
  1. Reactor processes that do not discharge their vent stream into a recovery system;
  2. The combination of a reactor process and the recovery system into which it discharges its vent stream;
  3. Combinations of two or more reactor processes and the common recovery system into which their vent streams are discharged.

Not subject to this subpart:
  1. Any reactor process designed and operated as a batch operation;
  2. Any reactor process operating as part of a process unit that produces beverage alcohols;
  3. Any reactor process that does not use, contain, or produce any VOC;
  4. Any reactor process that is subject to NSPS DDD;
Partial Exemptions*:
  1. Affected facilities with a total resource effectiveness (TRE) index value greater than 8.0;
  2. Affected facilities in a process unit with a total design capacity for all chemicals produced within that unit of less than 1 gigagram per year (1,100 tons per year);
  3. Affected facilities operated with a vent stream flow rate less than 0.011 scm/min;
  4. Affected facilities with vent streams that are routed to a distillation unit subject to NSPS NNN, with no other releases to the air except for a pressure relief valve;
  5. Affected facilities operating with a concentration of total organic compounds (less methane and ethane) in the vent stream of less than 300 ppmv as measured by Method 18; or concentrations of TOC in the vent stream of less than 150 ppmv as measured by Method 25A.
*These facilities must still comply with certain testing, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. Please see the rule text for full details.
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule: 8/31/93
Amendments Dates: 12/14/2000 (65 FR 78268)
10/17/2000 (65 FR 61744)
11/27/1995 (60 FR 58238)
State Regulations: Title 129, Chapter 12, Section 001.69

Previously: Chapter 18, Section 001.70
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.700
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