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Other Solid Waste Incineration Units -  Subpart EEEE

Applicability: eCFR Subpart EEEE [ecfr.gov]

This subpart applies to:
  1. Other Solid Waste Incineration (OWSI) units that commence construction after Dec 9, 2004;
  2. OSWI units that commence modification or reconstruction on or after June 16, 2006.
Physical or operational changes made primarily to comply with NSPS FFFF do not qualify as modification or reconstruction.

Definition of OSWI unit:
  1. Very small municipal waste combustion unit (i.e., combustion capacity of less than 35 tons/day or municipal solid waste or refuse-derived fuel); or,
  2. Institutional waste incineration unit.

Not subject to this subpart*:
  1. Cement kilns subject to NESHAP LLL;
  2. Co-fired combustors;
  3. Qualifying cogeneration facilities under Section 3(18)(B) of the Federal Power Act (16 USC 796 (18)(B));
  4. CISWI units subject to NSPS CCCC or DDDD;
  5. Hazardous waste combustion units with a permit under Section 3005 of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, and subject to NESHAP EEE;
  6. HMIWI units subject to NSPS Ce or Ec;
  7. Incinerators and air curtain incinerators in isolated areas of Alaska;
  8. Rural institutional waste incinerators;
  9. Institutional boilers and process heaters subject to NESHAP DDDDD;
  10. Laboratory analysis units;
  11. Materials recovery units;
  12. Pathological waste incineration units;
  13. Small or large municipal waste combustion units subject to NSPS Cb, Ea, Eb, AAAA, or BBBB;
  14. Qualifying small power production facilities under Section 3(17)(C) of the Federal Power Act (16 USC 796(17)(C)).
  15. Temporary-use incinerators and air curtain incinerators used in disaster recovery;
  16. Units that combust contraband or prohibited goods;
  17. Incinerators used for national security.
Partially Exempt*:
  1. OSWI units that are air curtain incinerators burning only 100% wood waste, clean lumber, and/or yard waste.

*Certain rule requirements and conditions for exemption still apply (per 40 CFR 60.2887). Please see rule text for full details.
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule: 12/16/05
Amendments Dates: 11/24/2006 (71 FR 67806)
State Regulations: Title 129, Chapter 12, Section 001.78

Previously: Chapter 18, Section 001.74
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.2880
Related Rules:

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Regulations and Federal Registers: eCFR Subpart EEEE [ecfr.gov]

(See attached file: 4E Fed Reg Aug2020 Proposed Rule.pdf)
(See attached file: 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2007-01-22 - Action on Reconsideration re SSI.pdf)

(See attached file: 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2006-06-26 - Reconsideration.pdf)

(See attached file: 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2005-12-16 - Final Rule.pdf)

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553 KB 4E Fed Reg Aug2020 Proposed Rule.pdf
226 KB 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2007-01-22 - Action on Reconsideration re SSI.pdf
189 KB 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2006-06-26 - Reconsideration.pdf
412 KB 4E & 4F - Fed. Reg. 2005-12-16 - Final Rule.pdf
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