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Emission Guidelines for GHG Emissions from Existing EGUs (Vacated) -  Subpart UUUUa

Applicability: eCFR Subpart UUUUa - [ecfr.gov]

*** Note: This rule has been vacated ***
The governor of a state in the contiguous united states with one or more affected facilities that commenced construction on or before January 8, 2014 must submit a State plan to the US EPA that implements the emission guidelines specified in subpart UUUUa.

The governor of a state in the contiguous United States with no designated facilities for which construction commenced on or before January 8, 2014 must submit a letter of negative declaration instead of a State Plan.

Designated facility:
Coal fired, steam generating, electricity generating unit that a) "serves a generator connected to a utility power distribution system with a nameplate capacity greater than 25 MW net", b) "has a base load rating greater than 260 GJ/jr (250 MMBtu/hr) heat input of fossil fuel" and c) "is an electric utility steam generating unit that burns coal for more than 10% of the average annual heat input during the 3 previous calendar years. "
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction: Facility ID and Facility Name:
34385 NPPD Gerald Gentleman Station
58343 OPPD Nebraska City Station
59763 OPPD North Omaha Station
48518 Lon D Wright Power Plant
58048 Whelan Energy Center
33563 NPPD Sheldon Station
72022 NPPD Platte Station

Date of Original Final Rule: 7/8/19
Amendments Dates: 07/08/2019 - Original Final Rule
State Regulations:
Federal Regulations: 84 FR 32579
Related Rules:

NSPS - 40 CFR Part 60

Subpart D, Subpart Da, Subpart Y, Subpart TTTT
NESHAP - 40 CFR Part 63
Subpart DDDDD - Major Source Boilers & Process Heaters
Subpart JJJJJJ - Area Source Boilers
Subpart UUUUU - Electric Utilities
Regulations and Federal Registers: eCRF Subpart UUUUa - [eCFR.gov]
(See attached file: FINAL ACE Rule - 40 CFR 32520 - 8 Jul 2019.pdf)

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FAQs, Fact Sheets, and Rule Summaries: Fact Sheet: Overview of ACE Rule - [epa.gov]
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Notes: The GHG regulated by this rule is CO2.
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