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Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industry - Wastewater -  Subpart YYY

Applicability: {This subpart has only been proposed.}

An affected facility is a designated chemical process unit (CPU) in the synthetic organic chemical manufacturing industry which generates a process wastewater stream, a maintenance wastewater stream, of an aqueous in-process stream and which commences or commenced construction, reconstruction or modification after September 12, 1994. {Regulates the VOC emissions.}

A designated CPU is all process lines with the primary product is a SOCMI chemical. Each storage vessel that is part of the CPU shall be assigned to one designated CPU that it services.

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The following water and wastewater streams can be part of the affected facility but are not subject to NSPS Subpart A or YYY (per §60.770(h)(3)):
(1) Stormwater managed in segregated sewers.
(2) Water from fire-fighting and deluge systems in segregate sewers.
(3) Spills.
(4) Water from safety showers.
(5) Water from testing of deluge systems.
(6) Water from testing of firefighting systems.

Re-evaluation of applicability (not more than once every 12 months):
(1) Change (begins or ceases manufacturing) of chemical (s) used in the primary product determination -- Re-evaluate the primary product determination per §60.770(f).
(2) If designated CPU is modified or reconstructed.
Known Sources in NDEE Jurisdiction:
Date of Original Final Rule:
Amendments Dates:
State Regulations: This rule has only been proposed. It has not been finalized by EPA and is therefore not adopted.
Federal Regulations: 40 CFR 60.770
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Regulations and Federal Registers: (See attached file: 3Y - Fed. Reg. 12-09-1998 reproposal 1st part.pdf)(See attached file: 3Y - Fed. Reg. 12-09-1998 reproposal 2nd part.pdf)
(See attached file: 3Y - Fed. Reg. 12-09-1998 reproposal 3rd part.pdf)

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