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About Capacity Development Program - Managerial


Managerial capacity is the ability of a water system to conduct its affairs in a manner enabling the system to achieve and maintain compliance with SDWA requirements. Managerial capacity refers to the system’s institutional and administrative capabilities.

Staffing and Organization
  • Proper organization, adequate staffing and clear definition of operators and managers.
  • System personnel knowledge of the management aspects of regulatory requirements and system operations.
  • Adequate system personnel expertise to manage water system operations.
  • Personnel hold proper licenses and certifications, and training is up to date.
  • Internal communication among the entire system.

Effective External Linkages
  • System interaction with customers, regulators and other entities.
  • Knowledge of available external resources, such as technical and financial assistance.

Ownership Accountability
  • Transparency and accountability for the water system.
  • Governing body communication with personnel and customers.
  • Governing body understanding of the water system, and its roles and responsibilities for governing it.
  • Policy creation to provide consistent business practices in all aspects of the system, including guidance for personnel and customers.