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About Capacity Development Program - Technical


Technical capacity is the physical and operational ability of a water system to meet Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requirements. Technical capacity refers to the physical infrastructure of the water system, including the adequacy of source water and the adequacy of treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure. It also refers to the ability of system personnel to adequately operate and maintain the system and to otherwise implement necessary technical knowledge.

Technical capacity involves:

Source Water Adequacy
  • Reliability of the water source.
  • Quality of the water source.
  • Adequate protection of the water source.

System Operations
  • Properly licensed operators with current training.
  • Operator knowledge of applicable standards.
  • Implementation of operator technical knowledge and understanding of the system’s technical and operational characteristics.
  • Effective operation and maintenance program.

Infrastructure Adequacy
  • Provides water that meets SDWA standards.
  • Proper condition of infrastructure, including wells, source water intakes, treatment, storage and distribution.
  • Useful remaining life of the infrastructure.
  • Established capital improvement plan.