Onsite Wastewater (Includes Septic Systems, Private Lagoons, Holding Tanks) Professional Certification and System Registration Fees, and Application Fees for Permits and Subdivision Reviews and Approvals

Certification fees are assessed to those who perform work on septic systems, private lagoons, and other onsite systems; registration fees are assessed on any modification or construction of an onsite system; application fees are required with permit applications for onsite systems subject to a permit; and application fees are required with applications for subdivision review and approval. Fees are nonrefundable. Any local government requirements are separate and may also apply

What they are

Certification Fees
Anyone who performs work (percolation testing, pumps, installs, repairs, or inspects) on private onsite wastewater treatment systems is required to be certified by examination by the Nebraska Department of Environment & Energy unless they are a professional engineer or a registered environmental health specialist. Certification categories include Master and Journeyman Installer, Soil Evaluator, Inspector, Master and Journeyman Pumper. A qualified professional is required to be at the job site whenever work is being conducted on an onsite system.

Fee Schedules and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facilities Professional Certification

Registration Fees
Any construction or modification of an onsite system (i.e., septic system, household lagoon, holding tank, or engineered system) must be registered with the NDEE A $140 fee is required for each system registration. Any registration submitted 46 to 90 days after completion of construction or modification is subject to a $150 late fee. Any registration submitted 91 or more days after completion of the system is subject to a $450 late fee.

Fee Schedules and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Registration Requirements

Permit Application Fee
For an onsite wastewater treatment system for domestic wastewater flows of 1,000 gallons per day or more, or for other than household type wastes, or for a system not provided for in “Authorization by Rule” (see Title 124, Ch. 3, Section 002) a permit application is required. Plans and technical documents must be prepared by a Professional Engineer. The construction/operating permit application fee is $450 and the one fee covers the construction and operating permit application for one system. A construction permit from the Department is required prior to any construction and an operating permit is required prior to operation.

Subdivision Review and Approval Application Fee
Prior to construction of a development area where an onsite wastewater treatment system is proposed on any lot less than three acres in size, the owner of the development area is required to submit an application for subdivision review and receive Department approval. Site layout must be completed by a qualified professional (Master or Journeyman Installer or Professional Engineer). The application fee is $450 for each lot that is subject to the approval.

Fee Schedules and Applications for Construction and Operating Permits, and Subdivison Permits

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