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Groundwater Quality Monitoring Report

Legislation passed in 2001 directs NDEE to issue an annual report to the Legislature concerning the quality of the groundwater in Nebraska. The first of these reports was issued December 1, 2001. These reports summarize the water quality monitoring efforts of the Natural Resources Districts, NDEE, and other state, local, and federal agencies. Statistics and maps showing nitrate-nitrogen groundwater monitoring results, as well as four of the 42 pesticides sampled in the state were presented.

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Groundwater Publications, Reports, Forms

The report uses data from the Quality-Assessed Agrichemical Contaminant Database for Nebraska Groundwater, developed cooperatively by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy using federal funding.

These data are accessible to the public on the Nebraska Groundwater Quality Clearinghouse website. *

Hydrogeologic Studies and Reviews
The Groundwater Unit is responsible for hydrogeologic review of various Department projects and programs to determine possible effects on groundwater quality and to recommend possible courses of action. Programs for which this review is performed include leaking underground storage tanks and surface petroleum spills, underground injection control, wastewater treatment facilities, septic systems, NPDES permits, livestock waste control facilities, the Natural Resources Districts’ Groundwater Management Plans, and others.

In addition, the Unit performs studies if a situation does not fall under another program and is of environmental significance. Unit personnel continue to take responsibility under Title 118 for many site investigations and have sampled and supervised site cleanups.

Groundwater Management Areas
The Groundwater Management Area (GWMA) program focuses on assessing areas where groundwater problems from nonpoint source contaminants (such as agricultural chemicals) exist or are likely to exist.
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Underground Injection Control (UIC)
The Underground Injection Control (UIC) program reviews and issues permits, conducts inspections, and performs compliance reviews for wells used to inject fluids into the subsurface.
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Mineral Exploration
The Mineral Exploration program issues and reviews permits, conducts inspections, and performs compliance reviews for holes drilled, driven, bored, or dug for the purpose of mineral exploration.
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Wellhead Protection
The State Wellhead Protection program is a voluntary program, which assists communities and other public water suppliers in preventing contamination of their water supplies.
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Standard Operating Procedures for Ground Water Programs

Groundwater Publications, Reports, Forms

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