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Petroleum Remediation Program

NDEE’s activities regarding the Petroleum Remediation Program involve two inter-related program areas:
  1. overseeing the investigation and cleanup of petroleum contamination resulting from leaking above-ground and underground storage tanks; and other petroleum spills; and
  2. administering financial assistance for persons responsible for investigation and cleanup costs due to petroleum releases from tanks.

Investigation and Cleanup

After there has been some initial indication that there may be petroleum contamination at a site, NDEE becomes involved in determining whether more investigation and cleanup are required. The agency determines whether parties who caused the contamination are still available and financially capable of assuming responsibility. More information...

Petroleum Surface Spills

Spills of petroleum (fuels, mineral oil, and other petroleum products) to the land surface or to surface water are subject to reporting and cleanup requirements of Title 126 - Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Management of Wastes. Regulatory oversight of surface spills of petroleum is carried out by NDEE’s Petroleum Remediation Section. More Information...

Financial Assistance
– Petroleum Release Remedial Action Reimbursement Fund

The Petroleum Release Remedial Action Reimbursement Fund helps pay for investigation and cleanup costs for owners/operators of facilities which have leaking petroleum tanks. Costs for both underground and above ground tank releases are eligible for reimbursement. To assist applicants, the program developed guidelines entitled "Reasonable Rates Schedule and Reimbursement Guidance Manual." More information...

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