Properly Disposing of Your Leftover Medications

Over the past few years, the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy has been a partner in the Nebraska Medication Education for Disposal Strategies (MEDS) Coalition. Nebraska MEDS is a coalition of state and community partners dedicated to educating Nebraskans about proper disposal of pharmaceutical products to better safeguard the environment and protect public health. Nebraska MEDS supports a pharmacy-based disposal program to provide Nebraskans with safe disposal alternatives.

As part of these efforts, Nebraska MEDS has produced the flyer below, providing information about the need to properly dispose of leftover medicines. Currently, there are 194 pharmacies across Nebraska taking back unused and expired prescription and over-the-counter medications.

To find a pharmacy near you, visit Nebraska MEDS Coalition. *

To learn more about the issue, click on the link to the flyer below:

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Nebraska MEDS flyer: “Do You Know What To Do With Your Leftovers?”

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