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Air Division Listserv:
Instructions on How to Subscribe

What is the Air Division “Listserv”?

The Air Division “Listserv” is a list of e-mail contacts who have subscribed to receive information from NDEE’s Air Quality Division. NDEE sends periodic e-mail updates about Air Quality issues to this list of recipients. The regulated industry and the public are welcome to sign up to be on this Listserv by following the instructions below:

How to Subscribe to the Air Division Listserv

To subscribe to the listserv, send an email to with “SUBSCRIBE NDEE-AirNews” followed by your name - in the body of the message (leave the Subject line blank).

Example: Subscribe NDEE-AirNews John Smith

You will receive an e-mail requesting you to confirm your request.When you confirm by clicking the link, you will be added to the listserv.

unsubscribe, send an email to

In the body of the message, type “SIGNOFF ndee-airnews

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Air Quality Division Phone Number: (402) 471-2186


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updated: 07/18/2022