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Operator Certification Continuing Education Hours Balance

Below is a list of the total continuing education hours earned and eligible for certificate renewal in the current certificate renewal cycle for each operator.

For privacy reasons, operators are
listed by certification number only.

Periodic Updates
The Department attempts to make sure the list is accurate, and it is updated periodically based on information received from educational program providers and operators. We encourage you to check the list and verify your information is correct.

If you believe this information is incorrect, please contact the Department with corrected information. Please be prepared to provide documentation for any changes.

Please note that the hours an individual operator can use to meet continuing education requirements will be restricted, or not allowed, for repeat programs in the same renewal cycle.

Updated 06-03-2024
(See attached file: Active OCP Operators as of 06-01-2024.pdf)

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127 KB Active OCP Operators as of 06-01-2024.pdf