Focus On Planning & Aid
Emergency Response

Through the Emergency Response Program, NDEE personnel provide technical and regulatory assistance to those responsible for spills, leaks and accidents that pose a hazard to either the environment or public health. Assistance is also provided to those at the local level who are first on the scene at these releases, typically this is the local fire department.

Emergency Response Coordinating Group
An Emergency Response Coordinating Group has been formed and the Emergency Response Coordinator directs its activities. The purpose of this group is to better communicate and resolve issues related to common spill reports and complaints. The result is an improved and coordinated effort to address all of the various issues associated with a chemical accident or other event.

Emergency Response Coordinator
The Emergency Response Coordinator is responsible for training, equipping and supervising a group of personnel who provide initial assistance and response to spills. These individuals have the responsibility of maintaining an emergency system and are on call 24 hours a day. They represent the environmental interests of the state at the scene of a petroleum or chemical spill or other environmental emergency.

All personnel coordinate closely with the local, state and federal agencies involved in emergency response situations.