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Brownfields Assistance – 128(a) Asbestos

The Asbestos Cleanup Program is a matching cost share program. The NDEE will match 50% of the cost of asbestos removal and disposal (up to $20,000). Funds are dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis and the applicant must own the building prior to the cleanup. The applicant must also provide certification from the State Historic Preservation Office that the building is not on or eligible to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

Who is eligible?

Public entities such as city or county governments, non-profit economic development organizations, and regional councils of government are eligible. For-profit development organizations and private owners are not generally eligible.

Asbestos Cleanup Process
  1. Contact the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) Coordinator to discuss the project
  2. Complete and submit the Section 128(a) Asbestos Cleanup Application Form
  3. Sign and return the written agreement (provided by the NDEE) that outlines your responsibilities in the program
  4. Obtain a minimum of three bids from licensed asbestos abatement contractors
  5. Notify NDEE of the asbestos removal date
  6. The selected contractor completes the abatement

Reimbursement Process

After the asbestos abatement is complete, the following must be submitted to the VCP Coordinator to be reimbursed:
  1. Copies of contractor bids (minimum of three)
  2. Letter on community/organization letterhead requesting reimbursement
  3. Itemized invoices (including lodging/meals separately itemized; lodging and meals are not reimbursable in this program)
  4. Copy of cancelled check/credit card slip/other demonstration of payment by recipient
  5. Copy of manifest/asbestos removal report completed by contractor
  6. Copy of final visual clearance report by independent third party
  7. Final report, including before/after photos, dates of asbestos removal, redevelopment plans/updates.

For more information and questions regarding the Asbestos Cleanup Program, contact the VCP Coordinator at (402) 471-6411