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Water Well Standards and Contractors' Licensing Board

Water Well Standards and Contractors' Licensing Board
The purpose of the Water Well Standards and Contractor's Licensing Board is to protect the healthsafety, and welfare of the public


The Water Well Standards and Contractors' Licensing Board 
is composed of ten members, six of whom are appointed by the Governor, and licensed by the department in the following categories: a water well contractor representing irrigation water well contractors, a water well contractor representing domestic water well contractorsa water well contractor representing municipal and industrial water well contractors, a pump installation contractor, a manufacturer or supplier of water well or pumping equipment, and an employee of a natural resources district. Each member is a resident of the state of Nebraska and has at least five years of experience in the business of his or her category. Members are appointed to serve a five-year termNo appointed member may serve for more than two consecutive full five-year termsThe Director or designated representative of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department Environment and Energythe Department of Natural Resources, and the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of NebraskaThe board approves a designated executive secretary for the efficient operation of the board.

Normally, the board meets 5 times a year. The time and place of each meeting, together with an agenda are public noticed on the agency webpageBoard meetings are open meetings.

The duties of the Board include but are not limited to:
  1. Design and adopt all examinations with minimum standards of proficiency and competency for water wells and water well pumps, the geological characteristics of the statecurrent drilling or pump installation practices and techniquesfor natural resources ground water technicians knowledge regarding inspection of chemigation systemsmeasuring and recording static water levelsinspecting and servicing flow metersand water sampling practices and techniques (46-1223).
  2. Evaluate applications from licensees and providers for approval of continuing education programs (46-1225).
  3. Provide the Department with recommendations on regulations (46-1227).
  4. Developing construction standards for water wells (46-1227) .
  5. Setting fees (46-1224, 46-1229).

Meeting information is provided in the table below, including agendas and minutes.