Focus On Water Division
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
Standard Operating Procedure

Water Quality Division
Water Quality Assessment Section - GW

Standard Operating Procedure Number: GW-091
Title: Downloading Data from the Trimble GeoExplorer GPS Unit
Written Date: September 1, 2000
Approved Date:

Purpose: To download the data files from the GPS Unit and the management of the files on the Laptop and the GPS Unit.

Equipment/Materials Needed:
  1. Trimble GeoExplorer GPS Unit
  2. Power Source - Batteries
    1. Rechargeable Camcorder Type with cable/cord
    2. 4 AA
  3. Laptop computer with Pathfinder Office software
    1. Power supply cord/transformer that operates laptop and rechargesinternal battery
  4. Cables
    1. GeoExplorer to Laptop
    2. GeoExplorer to Rechargeable Battery
  5. Floppy disk


1. Downloading files from the GeoExplorer to the Laptop
1.1. Connections (Do BEFORE powering up laptop and GeoExplorer).
1.1.1. GeoExplorer to power source (rechargeable battery or 4 AA).
1.1.2. Cable from GeoExplorer to serial port of laptop.
1.1.3. Green software “key” to parallel port (key found in laptop carrying case with power supply cord/transformer or in Ground Water Section secretary’s desk with “Room” keys).
1.1.4. Power supply cord/transformer to outlet and to port on left-hand side of laptop.
1.2. Turn on laptop and GeoExplorer.
1.3. Open PathFinder Office.
1.4. Select Batch Processor from Utilities Menu.
1.5. In the Main Menu of the GeoExplorer, select “7. Data Transfer." “Comm is Idle” should be displayed.
1.6. Check Data Transfer; select Next button.
1.7. Select all files or specific files to transfer from the GeoExplorer to the laptop. Select Next button.
1.8. Select Run button.
1.9. Close Batch Processor window in Pathfinder Office.
1.10. Shut off GeoExplorer.
1.11. Proceed to the next section.
2. Updating the Laptop and Backing Up Files
2.1. Backup the files ending with .SSF to a floppy disk.
2.2. Move the files ending with .SSF to a pre-designated backup directory on the laptop.
2.3. Shut down laptop.
2.4. Disconnect the GeoExplorer from the laptop.
3. Delete Files from GeoExplorer
3.1. Make sure the files downloaded to the laptop are backed up on the floppy disks and have been moved to the pre-designated backup directory.
3.2. Turn on GeoExplorer and from the Main Menu go into “1. Data Capture.”
3.3. Select “4. Delete Data.”
3.4. The files are listed (but the flashing bar over a choice does not work here for some reason). The middle one of the three is the one that is deleted when you press the enter key. You are prompted for each file.
3.5. After deleting all files, escape back to the Main Menu and shut off the GeoExplorer.
3.6. Recharge the Rechargeable Camcorder battery.