February 2023 Monthly Metrics

NDEE produces a monthly metrics report to measure what the agency has accomplished; to set annual and longer-term goals; and to examine these goals against accomplishments to ensure continuous process improvements.

  • The Onsite Section attended the Water industries Trade Show. The team gave five presentations, hosted a booth where they handed out Title 124 books, and held training and testing sessions for onsite installers.

  • The Grants Section announced grant awardees for the Clean Diesel Program to replace diesel irrigation engines with electric motors – awarding approximately $325,000 total. The section also announced $7.7 million was awarded for the Waste and Litter Reduction, Recycling and Scrap Tire Grants programs.

  • The Water Well Standards and Licensing teams attended the annual Water Well Convention in Kearney. The team hosted a booth, provided presentations, and helped ensure professionals were licensed properly.

  • NDEE finalized its Continuity of Operations Plan.

  • Cargill petitioned the EPA to object to conditions of its Class I air operating permit in August. The EPA responded by denying 7 claims and partially granting 3 claims. NDEE’s next step is to address EPA’s comments and issue a final determination.

  • NDEE is working with DHHS to activate the Smoke Advisory System in March. NDEE and DHHS issue advisories when smoke from prescribed burning in Kansas and Oklahoma is expected to impact air quality in Nebraska.

  • NDEE’s energy team is participating in the Petroleum Administration for Defense Districts 2 Regional Petroleum Shortage Collaborative. This regional group includes Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Kansas, and Minnesota. Participants will leverage peer expertise to improve state response plans while working toward a regional framework. The collaborative will hold its kickoff meeting on March 7.