2012/08 August Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
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Title 124 Amendments Approved by Governor

Changes to Title 124 – Rules and Regulations for the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Systems were formally approved by Governor Heineman and became effective August 11, 2012. A printed copy of the amended effective Title 124 will be mailed to you separately in the next couple of weeks or you can view or download the regulations from the NDEE website.

Among other changes, the amended regulations include:
  • A late renewal process for late certificate renewal within 60 days after certificate expiration. There is a new $50 late renewal penalty. Continuing education requirements must still be met prior to certificate expiration. (Chapter 20)
  • Allow for qualified independent study programs for continuing education (examples might include webcasts or other online programs, NDEE review/approval still required). (Ch. 20)
  • Provide for Mound Endorsement by examination for Master Installers. A Master Installer will need to submit a completed application for endorsement along with the $300 endorsement application fee and $50 exam fee, and then pass the endorsement examination in order to obtain the endorsement. Once obtained the endorsement will become part of the Master Installer’s certification and that Installer will only need to renew the Master Installer certificate (with no additional fee after the initial endorsement) to maintain the endorsement. You must be a Master Installer to be eligible to apply for the mound endorsement. (Ch. 20)
  • New design requirements for endorsed mound systems (subject to certain size and site limitations). You must be a Master Installer with the mound endorsement, a Professional Engineer, or a Registered Environmental Health Specialist to design and supervise the installation of an endorsed mound system and register the endorsed mound system. (Ch. 11)
  • A provision for land application of domestic septage in extreme cold conditions with certain restrictions and additional record keeping requirements. (Ch. 23)
  • All forms were deleted from the Appendices of Title 124. The requirements for required applications and system registrations are now listed in the appropriate chapter and forms are available from the NDEE. We will mail a set of these forms separately in a few weeks. Forms can also be downloaded from the webpage or you are welcome to contact us and we will mail forms to you on request.
  • Chapters have been reorganized and a number of other changes made in how information is presented or organized. When you get your copy of Title 124, please take time to familiarize yourself with the changes.
The mound endorsement examination is being developed and will be administered by the Department. Additional information will be provided on exam date(s) and location(s) as soon as it becomes available.

Onsite Wastewater Program Webpage Updated

The forms, guidance documents and related information are all being updated on the NDEE Onsite webpage and that should be completed by the time you receive this newsletter. If not, we appreciate your patience as there are nearly 60 forms, guidance documents, fact sheets, and other informational documents to be updated or created to help implement these changes to Title 124. You can request printed copies of any of these documents, or access them from the NDEE website (see above) or from the Onsite Program webpage using the following URL - http://dee.ne.gov/NDEQProg.nsf/OnWeb/Onsite

Educational Programs Planned

UNL is working on educational programs to be held in October and November that will cover the changes in Title 124 as well as Endorsed Mound Design. Specific details were not available at this writing so please stay tuned for additional newsletters and the webpage for additional information as it becomes available.