Hardship Certificates Fact Sheet
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Form #: 12-018 Guidance Documents Revised: 10/5/22

Only a certified professional, a professional engineer, a registered environmental health specialist, or a person under their direct supervision may engage in the inspection, pumping, siting, layout, construction, reconstruction, alteration, modification, repair, closure or otherwise changing of a onsite wastewater treatment system. “Direct supervision” is defined in Title 124 - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems as meaning the person overseeing the work of others is physically present at the site where the work is being performed and has control over, responsibility for, and professional knowledge of the work being done.

A certified professional may hold a valid
certificate by examination or Hardship Certificate in one or more of the following categories:
  • Master Installer;
  • Journeyman Installer;
  • Soil Evaluator;
  • Inspector;
  • Master Pumper; and
  • Journeyman Pumper

To obtain a Hardship Certificate, an individual must submit to the Department an Application for Onsite Hardship Certification containing the information described in Title 124. Alternatively, the required information may be submitted on a form provided by the Director.
All required information must be typed or legibly printed and, at a minimum, include the following:
  • A request for certification by hardship that includes the words “Application for Onsite Hardship Certification”;
  • A statement of the conditions of the hardship;
  • Evidence supporting competency in the categories in which the individual is seeking certification;
  • The certified professional’s full name (first name, middle initial and last name), mailing address and phone number;
  • The hardship certificate application fee;
  • The statement “I swear or affirm that the information and documentation submitted are true, complete, and accurate”; and
  • The certified professional’s signature and date signed.

A separate hardship application with application fee is required for each category of certificate the applicant applies for.

A person holding a valid Hardship Certificate is authorized to practice only in those in the categories listed on the certificate. A Hardship Certificate expires 180 days after the date of issuance.