2012/12 December Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
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Form #: WAT202 Newsletter Revised: 12/1/12
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Onsite Unit, Wastewater Section, Water Quality Division

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Mound Endorsement Exam

Exam sessions for the Mound Endorsement exam for Master Installers have been scheduled – see list below. To apply for the mound endorsement exam please fill out the “Onsite Wastewater Treatment Program Application for Onsite Certification by Examination, Endorsement, Renewal or Hardship” and submit it, along with the fees ($300 endorsement fee + $50 exam fee) to the Department by January 15, 2013. No walk-ins. Mound endorsement exam schedule for January 2013:

January 23 – NorfolkJanuary 24 - Lincoln
January 29 - North PlatteJanuary 30 – ScottsbluffJanuary 31 - Grand Island

(Applicants will be notified of any postponement, such as in the event of inclement weather.)

New Registration Forms

The new system registration forms were mailed to you with a previous newsletter. These forms should be used now. If you use the old registration form, it will be returned with directions to complete the registration with the required information. Please provide all the required information. Incomplete registrations will be returned. Marking “n/a” for required information is not acceptable. See Title 124, Chapter 22 for system registration requirements. For forms go to http://dee.ne.gov/NDEQProg.nsf/OnWeb/Onsite and then from the Onsite Program webpage select System Registrations and Registration Requirements, then select the correct form for download or fill it in (entered information is not savable) and print. You can also call or email us and we will mail forms to you.

Note that if filter material is used (i.e. washed gravel, rock, etc. meeting the definition of “filter material”) you cannot use the effective trench width for system sizing. Also, the inside bottom width of gravelless chambers cannot be the same as the trench width.

Since 1999 Title 124 has required that any onsite system being replaced or modified be brought up to current requirements (reference: Title 124, Chapter 2, 004.02). When you work on any onsite system then it is your responsibility (as noted since 1999) to make sure all system components (tank, manholes, inspection risers, drainfield, setbacks, etc.) meet the current Title 124 requirements and when completing the system registration you need to include required information on any existing components, whether or not you did any work on those components. Marking “n/a” or similar on the system registration will result in an incomplete registration.

Inspection Program

The Department is completing the initial phase of the inspection program initiated last month following a request by NOWWA. Installer records and site visits were scheduled for 26 facilities selected from system registrations received earlier. Once these inspections have been completed, the Department will evaluate the results and make any needed adjustments for 2013.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When does my certificate expire? All current certificates expire December 31, 2013 (end of next year).

How many hours of continuing education must I complete during the two year certification cycle ending December 31, 2013? A certified professional must successfully complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education during every 2 year certificate period. For a certificate newly issued in the first or even numbered year of a two year certification cycle, a minimum of 12 professional development hours must be completed during the first certificate period. For a certificate newly issued in the second or odd numbered year of a two year certification cycle, a minimum of 6 professional development hours must be completed.