Source Water Protection Final Report Guidelines and Worksheet
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: 11-002 Grant Information Revised: 11/15/23

The following information should be provided in the Source Water Protection Final Report:

Title Page
The title page should be titled: Final Report. This should be followed by the Name of the Project. Following that should be the Project Sponsor, which would include the Organization Name, Organization Address, Project Manager, and phone number. The final item on the page should be the Date Submitted.

A brief summary of the project - not to exceed one page.

Project Objectives
Write out the initial objectives and tasks that were to be accomplished by doing the project.

Project Description
Describe in this section what you actually accomplished and/or produced by doing the project. This section must relate to the Project Objectives. Give the outcome of the objectives. Provide specific/quantification: e.g. acreage of BMPs installed, change in water quality parameters, number of installations, etc. Include any amendments made during the project and state the reason for the amendments.

Discussions & Conclusions
Give the results of doing the project. Try to answer questions such as: What worked and what didn’t? Why? What would you do differently? What recommendations would you give to the next person trying a similar project? What future actions on this project would you suggest?

Put in table form, a list of expenditures and the amount spent. Categorize the expenditures, detail only major items. Give Source Water funds spent and matching funds spent. Use the Excel worksheet above as the format:

Include any of the following in this section if applicable: Photos, graphs, spreadsheets, methods, guidelines and procedures, abstracts published, news articles, newsletters, photos etc.