2014/04 April Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
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Form #: WAT216 Newsletter Revised: 4/1/14
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New Supervisor

The Onsite Unit is happy to announce that Mark Bauer has accepted the position as Supervisor of the Unit. For the past 3 years, Mark has served as an Environmental Engineer in the Agriculture Section at NDEE. Mark has 25 years of experience in the wastewater field, including 10 years as a consulting engineer and
12 years in public wastewater utility operations.
Tank Pumping

Title 124, Chapter 23, states the tank shall be pumped through the access manhole. The pumping of a tank through baffle inspection ports is prohibited unless no other access port or manhole exists and the integrity of the baffle is maintained.
Title 124 Construction/Operating Permit Applications

Title 124, Chapter 3, states a Master Installer may prepare and submit permit application plans, specifications, reports, & technical documents when the following conditions are present:
  1. The proposed system will receive domestic wastewater;
  2. The design flow for the proposed system will be 1,000 gallons per day or less;
  3. The proposed system will not endanger human health or cause pollution; and
  4. The proposed system will meet all Title 124 provisions for setback distances and reserve area, but that may not meet all the design provisions for an “Authorization by Rule” system.
“Authorization by Rule” does not apply to construction of a soil absorption system in a soil with a percolation rate slower than 60 minutes per inch or to the construction of a household lagoon on a lot with less than three acres.

Inside Bottom Width of Chamber

Title 124, Chapter 14, states the effective width of the trench for a system using gravelless chambers with at least six inches of slotted sidewall, specifically designed for use without filter material, may be up to 1.5 times the bottom width of the chamber.
  • The bottom width of the chamber is measured as the distance between the inside edges of the base flanges of the chamber.
  • The certified professional must record on the system registration the actual ‘hands-on’ physical measurement for the inside bottom width of the installed chambers.
  • Chamber inside bottom width X 1.5 = “Effective” trench width”.
  • Remember to convert inches to feet by dividing by twelve (12) before calculating the trench bottom area
Compliance Inspections

NDEE will conduct compliance assurance inspections with Installers again this year, to include inspections in response to notifications received by the Department. The scheduled Installer inspections will focus on system registration information the Installer is required to record and maintain with each new system construction. The Department will be reviewing the following records: the system registration form; the scaled drawing of the onsite system depicting the required system design/details; and the soil percolation test data and results. If selected, the Department will be contacting you to schedule a convenient date and time for a representative to meet with you. The Department will also contact the owners to schedule facility visits.