2014/01 January Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: WAT213 Newsletter Revised: 1/1/14
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Onsite Unit, Wastewater Section, Water Quality Division

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Onsite Certification Renewal and Late Renewal

Certificates for the 2014-2015 certification cycle have been mailed to each onsite wastewater treatment system professional that successfully completed the required professional development hours of continuing education, and submitted a properly completed renewal application with fees. Certified letters were mailed to individuals who had not renewed by December 31, 2014.

If the Department did not receive the application for renewal, which included the renewal fee, and record of professional development hours (PDH), prior to December 31, 2013 your certification has expired. You may late renew your expired certificate within 60 days after the certificate has expired by submitting to the Department a completed application for onsite certificate renewal, record of PDH, the certificate renewal fee and a $50 late renewal penalty. The late renewal application, record of PDH, certificate renewal fee and late penalty must be received by the Department no later than 60 days after the certificate has expired. Once the 60 day late renewal period has expired, in order to obtain certification the individual shall submit an application for examination including the application fee along with the examination fee for each category, and pass the examination in each category desired. The PDH requirement must have been completed prior to December 31, 2013 to late renew.
If you did not renew your onsite certification, this will be the last program newsletter you will receive. We may send you a separate notice about upcoming exams, or you can continue to check the Department website for current exam information.

2014 Onsite Certification Exams

Onsite Certification Exams have been scheduled for the following dates/locations. Pre-registration is required – no walk-ins are allowed. To register for an exam, submit an application for certification by exam with the certification fee, and the citizenship attestation form, if appropriate. All applications received less than five (5) days prior to a scheduled exam date may be held for the next scheduled exam.
January 23, 2014/Scottsbluff, NE
February 20, 2014/Kearney, NE
February 26, 2014/North Platte, NE
March 20, 2014/Norfolk, NE
April 16, 2014/Holdrege, NE
May 15, 2014/Chadron, NE
June 26, 2014/Lincoln, NE
July 24, 2014/North Platte, NE
September 18, 2014/Holdrege, NE
October 9, 2014/Norfolk, NE
November 19, 2014/Lincoln, NE

Please check the NDEE website for current information (go to DEE.ne.gov and select “Licenses & Certification” then “Onsite (septic)” then “Schedule for Onsite Certification Exams”).

Programs for Professional Development Hours (PDH)

Approved programs are also listed on the NDEE’s website (DEE.ne.gov then select “Licenses & Certification” then “Onsite Wastewater Program (septic systems, private lagoons)” and then “Continuing Education”). The following programs have been approved for PDH at the time of this newsletter. Continue to check the NDEE website for future approvals.
February 18 to 20, 2014 - NWIC Annual Conference in Kearney, NE
February 24 to 26, 2014 - Pumper & Cleaner Expo in Indianapolis, IN

As a reminder, you will need to obtain 12 professional development hours (contact hours) by December 31, 2015, to renew your certification. The certificate of any certified professional who fails to comply with the continuing education requirements of Title 124 will expire on the expiration date of the certificate.

Nebraska Water Industries Convention and Trade Show Annual Convention

The NWIC annual conference will be held February 18 – 20 in Kearney, Nebraska. The NDEE will have a booth set up so please stop by to say hi or ask questions.

Compliance Inspection Program

A total of 40 Installers were visited last fall as part of the 2013 compliance inspection program. Installer records were examined and follow-up site visits made to registered facilities. The following issues were identified: percolation test results not available (2); installation records or site drawing errors or missing information (25), septic tanks with no visible inspection pipes (16). Other issues identified included l effluent distribution methods and soil absorption system minimum sizing requirements. Follow-up education and compliance measures were taken when Title 124 non-compliant items were identified. The Department continues to enhance the program to better serve the wastewater professional community and Nebraska homeowners. Installers selected for the 2014 compliance inspection program will be notified by mail.

Onsite Program Changes

Gary Buttermore has taken another position with NDEE. Steve Goans, Environmental Engineer Section Supervisor, will be filling in until a replacement can be hired. Our thanks to Gary for all the hard work he put in on behalf of the Onsite Program over the past nine years. We were sorry to see him leave, but wish him well in his new position.

Effective Trench for Gravelless Chambers

There continues to be some confusion on proper sizing of gravelless chambers. Page 3 explains how the Department applies effective trench width to chambers.

How to Determine Total Effective Trench Bottom Area when using
Gravelless Chambers without Filter Material

1. Measure the inside bottom width of the chamber.

Dave Lentz, Regulatory Director for Infiltrator© Brand Gravelless Chambers, provided the following
inside bottom widths for Infiltrator© products:

Standard LP
High Capacity
Chamber Inside Width*
19.3 inches
(1.6 feet)
27.2 inches
(2.3 feet)
29.3 inches
(2.4 feet)
29.2 inches
(2.4 feet)

Chris Stewart, National On-site Market Manager for ADS© Brand Gravelless Chambers, provided the
following average inside bottom widths for ADS© products:

Arc 36
Standard BioDiffuser
Chamber Inside Width*
29 inches
(2.4 feet)
28 inches
(2.3 feet)

2. Multiply the chamber inside bottom width times 1.5 to determine the “effective” trench width.

Chamber inside bottom width X 1.5 = effective” trench width

Example using Quick4 EQ36 gravelless chamber width from above chart:

1.6 feet X 1.5 = 2.4 feet “effective” trench width

3. Multiply the “effective” trench width times the total length of the installed trenches.
“Effective” trench width (feet X Total length of installed trenches (feet) = Trench bottom area in square feet

Example using Quick4 EQ36 gravelless chamber width from chart and 200 feet of installed trench:

1.6 feet inside chamber width X 1.5 = 2.4 feet “effective” trench width
2.4 feet “effective” trench width X 200 feet total trench length= 480 square feet of total effective trench bottom area

*Numbers rounded for ease of use