NetDMR Gaining Access and Data Entry Guides
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Form #: 18-026 Guidance Documents Revised: 3/17/21
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(Note: This guidance document focuses on Gaining Access and Data Entry Guides for online Discharge Monitoring Reports, also known as NetDMRs. For more information, go to NetDMR Introduction.)

Gaining access to NetDMR requires two steps, creating a CDX account and requesting access in NetDMR. Your CDX account will house the login details including your login ID, password, and security questions. After you set up a CDX account, you will then need to request access in NetDMR for your specific NPDES permit. This service is only available for permittees that have a permit ID that start with NE0.

Step 1: Create a CDX account or CDX Add a Program Service

CDX Create account: (See Step 1a at bottom of page). This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of creating a CDX account


CDX Add a Program Service (see Step 1b at bottom of page.) If you already have an existing CDX account, you will need to add a program service for Nebraska’s NetDMR. Use the guide to Add a Program Service.

Step 2: Request Access for your permit in NetDMR

After creating your CDX account you can now access NetDMR and request access for your permit using one of the appropriate guides below. Please see the NetDMR Roles page if more information if needed. If you are changing the person who signs your DMRs you must also send in a hard copy an updated Signatory Authorization Form (SAF).

NetDMR Request Access Signatory: (See Step 2a at bottom of page) Use this guide if you are authorized by the Mayor/Chairperson or VP to sign the DMRs, this can be anyone that signs the DMRs at the facility. For example an operator, clerk, EHS manager etc.

NetDMR Request Access Certifying Official: (See Step 2b at bottom of page) Use this guide if you are a Certifying Official, e.g. Mayor, Chairperson, or have operational control of an industry (VP, Plant manager).

NetDMR Request Access Edit: (See Step 2c at bottom of page) This guide should be used if you are just going to edit DMRs and not sign and submit them.

Step 3: DMR data entry

DMR Data Entry Guide: (See Step 3a at bottom of page) Use this guide to help you fill out your DMRs with data and then sign/submit them.

DMR entry for EDIT role: (See Step 3b at bottom of page) IF you only have access to edit your DMRs this guide will show you how to fill them out.

DMR No Discharge Guide: (See Step 3c at bottom of page) To sign and submit a DMR with No Discharge use this guide.

DMR Batch Submit: (See Step 3d at bottom of page) This guide is intended for a certifying official to just sign DMRs after they are filled out.

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