2013/04 April Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
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Form #: WAT203 Newsletter Revised: 4/1/13
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Onsite Unit, Wastewater Section, Water Quality Division

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Compliance Inspections

A total of 27 Installers were visited last fall in the initial phase of the new compliance inspection program. Installer records were examined and follow-up site visits made to registered facilities. Title 124 requirements were identified as not being met during six of these visits and the Department has contacted the Installers about these requirements: Two Installers did not have percolation test results (see Ch. 4 Section 001 and Ch. 6 Section 002.06); Three septic tanks did not have visible inspection pipes (see Ch. 8 Section 013.02); and one system had a header pipe with an unequal number of distribution lines (see Ch. 15 Section 015.02). Follow-up has been conducted with these six Installers to ensure that future installations comply with the requirements in Title 124. The Department has reviewed the results of the compliance inspection program and will make adjustments and continue compliance inspections in 2013. We appreciate your cooperation.

Scheduled Exams

April 25, 2013 in Lincoln
June 13, 2013 in Norfolk
July 18, 2013 in Holdrege
August 22, 2013 in Lincoln
October 24, 2013 in Lincoln

Schedule of Programs Approved for Professional Development Hours

April 17, 20137 in Nelson Operations & Maintenance Workshop – Contact NERWA at 800-842-8039
April 23, 2013 in McCook Operations & Maintenance Workshop – Contact NERWA at 800-842-8039
May 7, 2013 Briggs Spring CEU in Sioux City IA – Contact Steve Frank at 712-258-0133
June 5, 2013 in Hastings Operations & Maintenance Workshop – Contact NERWA at 800-842-8039
August 1 in Crofton Operations & Maintenance Workshop – Contact NERWA at 800-842-8039
November 19, 2013 in Cairo Operations & Maintenance Workshop – Contact NERWA at 800-842-8039
As a reminder, you will need to obtain 12 professional development hours (contact hours) by December 31, 2013, to renew your certification (6 hours if you certified in 2013). Check your hours on the Onsite Program webpage.

NDEE Records Now Available Online

and select “Maps & Data” then select “Interactive Mapping”. Anyone with suitable internet access can view these records – including system registrations or any percolation tests or site layout information submitted with the registrations. These online records do not generally include documents received prior to about mid-2011. Older records are still in paper format – for those please continue to contact NDEE Records at 402.471.3557 or ndee.records@nebraska.gov. Please note that while the NDEE attempts to review registrations for errors or omissions it does not “approve” the registrations – the Installer is responsible for making sure the information submitted on the registration is complete, correct, and accurate.

Mound Endorsement and Endorsed Mound System Registration

Eleven Master Installers have passed the mound endorsement exam. You must be a Master Installer with the Mound Endorsement, a Professional Engineer, or a Registered Environmental Health Specialist to register an endorsed mound system. One endorsed mound system has been registered at this writing.

Onsite Program Changes

David Wisch has taken another position in the NDEE and we are working to fill that position. Interviews were wrapping up as this newsletter was being prepared. A second position has also been added in the Onsite Unit to help with compliance inspections and related work. More in the next newsletter.

Soil Fracturing by Air Injection Prohibited

The Department continues to receive inquiries about injecting air into the ground to “rejuvenate” septic system drainfields. This process is specifically prohibited by Nebr. Admin. Code Title 122 – Rules and Regulations for Underground Injection and Mineral Production Wells (ref. Ch. 19, Sect. 002.03). If you have questions about the Title 122 requirements please contact Nancy Harris (Nancy.Harris@nebraska.gov or 402.471.4290).