Hazardous Waste Manifest Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions in Nebraska
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Form #: WAS052 Guidance Documents Revised: 11/14/16

EPA revises, standardizes and distributes to printers the Hazardous Waste Manifest Forms used to track hazardous waste from a generator’s site to the site of its disposition. Handlers of hazardous waste can obtain these forms from any source that has been both registered with and approved by EPA to print and distribute forms. This fact sheet explains Nebraska’s hazardous waste manifest requirements.

Please remember that as of September 5, 2006, all hazardous waste handlers must use the most recent revision of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, EPA form 8700-22 (Rev. 3-05), on all hazardous waste shipments.

1. Where can I obtain a supply of uniform hazardous waste manifests?

Waste handlers will be able to obtain manifest forms from any EPA-approved printer. An updated list of these EPA-approved printers is available on the EPA website at: http://www.epa.gov/wastes/hazard/transportation/manifest/registry/printers.htm.* In addition, many disposal facilities or the transporter supply its customers with blank manifest forms.

Note: Nebraska DEE does not endorse any company that produces hazardous waste manifests.

2. Does Nebraska require in-state or out-of-state generators to send a copy of the hazardous waste manifest to Nebraska DEE?

No, Nebraska DEE does not have the manifest-tracking program and does not require generators to routinely submit copies of the manifests to Nebraska DEE. Manifests are only required under specific circumstances when Nebraska DEE makes the request for the copies of manifest to be submitted; i.e. as a result of follow-up from RCRA compliance inspections or other investigations, or from one-time hazardous waste shipments by Nebraska generators.

3. Does Nebraska have a state-specific hazardous waste manifest form? Does the State supply copies of manifest forms? Does Nebraska have any state-specific waste codes?

No, Nebraska does not have a state-specific hazardous waste manifest form, nor does it supply copies of manifest forms; nor does Nebraska have any state-specific waste codes. Refer to EPA’s website listed below to obtain copies of the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.

4. Who do I contact regarding hazardous waste manifest requirements in Nebraska?

If you have any other questions regarding hazardous waste manifests requirements in Nebraska contact a compliance specialist in the Waste Management Section:

Environmental Assistance Coordinator
Waste Management Section
Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
Phone: (402) 471-8308, Section: (402) 471-4210
Fax: (402) 471-2909
Email: NDEE.moreinfo@Nebraska.gov Subject: Hazardous Waste Manifests


Useful Websites: Contacts:
  • NDEE Environmental Assistance Coordinator (402) 471-8308
  • NDEE Waste Management Section (402) 471-4210
  • NDEE Toll Free Number (877) 253-2603
NDEE Publications*:
  • Title 128 – Nebraska Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • Title 132 – Integrated Solid Waste Management Regulations
    *These are available on the NDEE website or may be requested by calling the NDEE Waste Management Section.
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