Required Site and System Information Fact Sheet
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Form #: 12-062 Guidance Documents Revised: 9/13/22

Site Information

In accordance with Title 124 – Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, each proposed site for the location of an onsite wastewater treatment system must be evaluated by a professional engineer, registered environmental health specialist, Journeyman Installer, or Master Installer, and the following information recorded and provided to the Department on request.
  • The type, size, location, and elevation of the proposed system, clearly identified on a scaled drawing of sufficient size which will include:
    • The legal description and survey of the lot and immediate vicinity property lines;
    • Buildings;
    • Water supply wells;
    • Buried water pipes and utility lines;
    • The ordinary high-water mark of lakes, rivers, streams; and
    • The location and the type of water supply wells within 1000 feet of the proposed onsite wastewater treatment system.
  • Depth to the seasonal highest measured or estimated groundwater table and to the bedrock or other barrier layer surface. If this depth is less than the depth of the seasonal high groundwater table, a detailed description of the method used to determine depth must be included. If the depth to seasonal high groundwater or to the bedrock or other barrier layer is less than 10 feet, soil borings or other site-specific methods are required to be used;
  • Direction of groundwater flow; and
  • Soil conditions, properties, and soil percolation data and results and test locations,
System Information

A copy of the following information must be maintained on the premises of the facility using the onsite wastewater treatment system and made available to the Department by the owner or installer upon request:
  • A copy of the system registration form submitted to the Department.
  • An appropriately scaled drawing of the onsite wastewater treatment system, which specifies:
    • Location;
    • Setbacks;
    • Capacity;
    • Materials of construction; and
    • The construction details for all components of the system, including pump and pump tank or pump chamber specifications for any system using a pump.
    Note: The scaled drawing shall be on no less than 8.5 by 11 inch paper and shall be neatly drawn with appropriate dimensions and fixed reference point indicated.
  • Seepage or soil percolation data and results.