Professional Engineers and Technical Advisors For Livestock Waste Control Facilities
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Form #: 02-024 Guidance Documents Revised: 4/6/21

Professional Engineering Requirements for Construction Approval Application

A Nebraska Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) must sign and properly seal any construction approval application submitted to NDEE, pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. ยง54-2429 (2), as follows:
  1. Any construction approval application from an Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) for which a permit is required.
  2. Any existing livestock waste control facility (LWCF), which after an inspection:
    1. NDEE determines the LWCF has:
      1. Visible signs of structural breakage below the permanent pool;
      2. Signs of discharge or proven discharge due to structural weakness;
      3. Improper maintenance;
      4. Inadequate capacity;
    1. NDEE has reason to believe that the Animal Feeding Operation with an existing LWCF has violated, or threatens to violate, the Environmental Protection Act, the Livestock Waste Management Act, or any rules or regulations adopted and promulgated under such acts.

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