Annual Report to the Legislature, 2021
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: NDEE031 Annual Reports Revised: 12/7/21

Below are pdf files containing the individual chapters of NDEE's 2021 Annual Report to the Legislature.

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Chapter 1 - Agency Overview

Chapter 2 - Administration / Legal / Management Services

Chapter 3 - Environmental Quality Council

Chapter 4 - Air Quality Programs

Chapter 5 - Land Management Programs

Chapter 6 - Water Programs

Chapter 7 - Energy Programs

Chapter 8 - Expenditure and Budget Summary

Chapter 9 - Distribution of Aid

Chapter 10 - Staffing

Chapter 11 - Financial Assurance Requirements
(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_01.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_02.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_03.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_04.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_05.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_06.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_07.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_08.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_09.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_10.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Ch_11.pdf)(See attached file: 528_2021_Financial_Assurance.pdf)

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