2014/04 April Onsite Wastewater Unit Newsletter
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Form #: WAT218 Newsletter Revised: 7/21/14
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Direct Supervision

The Onsite Wastewater Advisory Committee asked the Onsite Unit to obtain a Department opinion on the Title 124 definition of “Direct Supervision”. The Department opinion stated “It is clear that the requirement for being physically present on the site where the work is being done necessitates that a certified professional, a professional engineer (PE) or a registered environmental health specialist (REHS) must be at the location where work is being performed on an onsite wastewater treatment system, at all times while the work is being performed.”
Compliance Inspections

The 2014 compliance assurance inspections are now in progress. The certified professionals selected for inspection have received a letter identifying the registered system for review by NDEE. The Onsite Unit appreciates everyone’s participation.
Professional Development Hours

NDEE is working with the Nebraska Onsite Waste Water Association on four programs for professional development hours to be held in the fall. UNL Extension is also finalizing training to be held in the fall. Watch the website (http://dee.ne.gov) for a complete list of locations and dates when programs are approved.

On July 10, 2014 HalfMoon Education is presenting the Onsite Wastewater Treatment Short Course in Lincoln. It has been approved for 6 PDH. Register online at www.halfmoonseminars.com.
Filter Material

Title 124 defines filter material as washed-gravel, rock, crushed stone, slag, clean gravel or tire chips. Filter material cannot contain clay or silt material. The loamy sand liner used to slow the percolation rate when a soil percolates faster than 5 minutes per inch is not filter material. Geotextile fabric is also not filter material.

Registration Notes

Record the actual total effective trench bottom area installed, not what is required by Table 14.2 in Title 124.

The depth to seasonal high groundwater is required. You may find this information by checking USDA/NRCS soils maps and soil interpretation records; measured water levels from nearby water wells (http://data.dnr.nebraska.gov/wells); or by evaluation of soil color and the presence or absence of mottling.

If you add a loamy sand liner in the bottom of your trenches, please note that on the registration form.

The Department has interpreted “completion of construction” to mean that all onsite wastewater treatment system components have been installed, constructed or modified so that the system piping, treatment devices or other appurtenances that convey, treat or dispose of wastewater are ready to be used. The NDEE does not consider construction completion of an onsite system to be dependent upon construction of any dwelling or building to which the system may be connected, final grading, seeding, or the date of receipt of payment for work performed.