Revitalize Rural Nebraska Grant Application
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: 23-024 Grant Information Revised: 1/10/24

Established per Nebraska Revised Statutes 19-1201 through 19-1204, the Revitalize Rural Nebraska Grant Program is to be used for the demolition of dilapidated commercial properties owned by a village or a city of the first or second class.

The application period opens Jan. 15, 2024, and closes Feb. 29, 2024.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all the necessary information is provided for the application to be considered for the competitive ranking. Eligible municipalities may apply for multiple buildings, but applications must be submitted for each property if they are zoned separately, even if the properties are adjacent.

Eligible applicants must provide:
· Ability to provide a local match contribution per statute.
o Village – 10% match
o Second class city – 15% match
o First class city – 20% match
· That the property has been abandoned or vacant for at least 6 months.
· The property is owned by the City or Village, or is completing the process described in Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1722.
· The property is not on, nor eligible to be listed on, the National Register of Historic Places.

Per the needed application deadline, it is recommended that the Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office be contacted as the first step in the application process. Eligible entities must submit applications using a two-page form available above.

NDEE will assess applications for eligibility and competitive ranking per the criteria noted below. Prospective grantees may submit multiple applications, one for each dilapidated commercial property proposed for demolition. However, competitive ranking preference will be given to the first application submitted by a municipality. Should funding remain, second applications will be ranked and considered.

Competitive Ranking System
(Any No is 0 points)
Does the municipality have an existing Revitalization Plan?
Yes – 15 points
Is the property owned by the city or village?
Yes – 10 points
Are there records of 6-month abandonment/vacancy?
Yes – 5 points
Is there a building adjacent to the dilapidated commercial property?
Yes – 15 points
Are there hazardous materials present on the property?
Yes – 20 points
Condition assessment of the property
15, 10, or 5 points
The tiebreaker for any equal rankings will be based on a committee evaluation to determine which demolition project will receive funding.

Revitalize Rural Nebraska Grant Program
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