Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator Certification Application and Examination Fact Sheet
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Form #: 10-023 Guidance Documents Revised: 3/22/24

An applicant wishing to obtain certification as a wastewater treatment operator is required to submit to the Nebraska Department of Environment & Energy (NDEE) a completed Application for Certification and Examination, which contains information regarding education and work experience along with the respective application fee prescribed in Title 197- Appendix C, and a Citizen Attestation Form. After receipt of the application and the attestation form, the Department will review the application. If an application is denied, or you are ineligible for certification, the NDEE will notify you in writing and explain the reason for denial or ineligibility. Upon notice of denial or ineligibility, you may request a hearing following the procedures referred to in Chapter 11 of Title 197 – Rules and regulations for the Certification of Wastewater Treatment Operators in Nebraska.

A minimum of four (4) examinations per year will be scheduled across the state. All applications received less than thirty days prior to a scheduled examination date may be held for the next scheduled examination date.

Applicants must attain a minimum grade of seventy percent (70%) for passage of an examination. You will be notified regarding the examination results by the Department in writing as soon as the results of the examination are available. If you fail an examination, you may be re-examined at a subsequent examination. Applicants desiring to be re-examined must submit their application together with the retesting fee as prescribed in Appendix C. Applicants failing three (3) exams in succession must obtain a minimum of 10 hours (1 CEU) of applicable training prior to retesting.

Certificates of an equivalent class may be issued, without examination, to any operator applying for certification who holds a valid certificate from another recognized wastewater operator certification program having requirements for certification that the Director considers similar to the standards established in the regulations. To apply for certification by reciprocity, an Application for Certification and Examination and application fee must be submitted to the Department. Certification by reciprocity is not available for a person whose certification has been denied, revoked or suspended.

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