NPDES Industrial Storm Water General Permit Forms and Guidance
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Form #: WAT011 General Permit Revised: 3/31/22
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The Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) has issued the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISW-GP) NER920000.

The permit became effective April 1, 2022 and expires March 31, 2027.

The deadline to renew coverage is no later than September 28, 2022. A notice of intent (NOI) must be received by the NDEE at least 30 days prior to facility start-up.

The new permit and fact sheet are attached above. In addition, the documents highlighted below can also be found on this page:
  • Those who are uncertain if the industrial storm water program applies to their facility should compare the facility’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) to those listed in Appendix DFacilities and Activities Covered, also see 21-030 Industrial Storm Water Guidance for additional information.
  • Those who are qualified for the No Exposure Certification (NEC) under NER910000 are required to submit a new certification request under NER920000 using the Online Application Process. See Part 1.5 of the Permit and Attachment 2No Exposure Certification Guidance and Checklist for more information.
  • Facilities that no longer require coverage or are permanently out of operation need to submit the Notice of Termination (NOT) form.

Those with questions can contact the Agency at (402) 471-2186.

Additional Implementation Measures (AIM)
New to NER920000 are the Additional Implementation Measures (AIM) requirements. All facilities covered under NER920000 with benchmark monitoring requirements are subject to Additional Implementation Measures (AIM) as described in Part 3.2 of the permit.

AIM outlines the corrective actions and steps required for benchmark exceedances. AIM is a three-level response that provides a follow-up process. AIM Levels are sequential and cannot be skipped. The AIM requirements apply on a pollutant parameter-specific, per discharge point basis.

See the 22-004 AIM Guidance Document for additional information.

The EPA has also provided useful tools and information to help determine your AIM level and appropriate corrective actions or best management practices (BMPs) that may be beneficial to meeting benchmarks.

See the AIM calculator and Industrial Storm Water Fact Sheet Series for each of the 29 industrial sectors regulated by the ISW general permit at the following link:

For additional assistance contact the Agency at (402) 471-2186.

**** The Industrial Storm Water application process is now an online process ****

Online Application Process

This link takes you to the online application page. You may register for an account to use the online permit application process. Or, once you have an account, you can login to the application. Prior to completing your account registration, please note or record your userID, security questions and answers.

See 22-006 Instructions for ISW Electronic NOI Registration guidance document for step-by-step instructions.

The direct URL to the application page is:

Related information you will need to complete your NOI can be found below:
  • To determine if your facility is discharging to a State Resource Water, see NDEE Title 117, Chapter 5 (a list of State Resource Waters is also included within the NOI).

For additional assistance contact the Agency at (402) 471-2186.

Industrial Storm Water Projects and Records

The following link provides an option to search for Industrial Storm Water Projects in Nebraska.

DEE ISW NOI Public Access *

The permit number can be used to retrieve and view documents for a specific Industrial Storm Water Project. Enter the Permit Number (i.e.: ISW-201600001) and press Search.


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